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Last updated on January 25, 2023


Your users have clicked this link and wanted to read this article. So don’t give long intros. Just tell them what you are going to talk about in 2 lines and how it will benefit them.

Improving readability

Primary objective of knowledge base article is reduce support queries and to improve customer success.
Your users are stupid. How?
  • They aren't patient enough to go through your onboarding tour.
  • They won't read the instructions. They'll just skim.
- Newsletter from
So we need to improve the readability so that even if the users skim the content, they don’t miss any steps.

Try to avoid paragraphs

Always break paragraphs into points

Multi-level headings

Use multi-level headings so that it is easy to navigate

Bulleted ist

  • Use bulleted list: To make it more readable
  • Use bulleted list: To make it more readable

Numbered lists

  1. Using numbered lists will improve readability
  1. Users avoid skimming if written as numbered list

Callouts and Quotes block to highlight something important

Use callout to highlight something that is so important.

Finally a checklist

Avoid paragraphs
Multi-level headings
Bulleted list
Numbered list
Use callout and quotes block if required
Use checkboxes
Add FAQs at the end
Add related articles at the end


Can we use Toggle block for FAQs ?
Yes, you can absolutely. You can use toggle block even outside FAQs.
Why would I use toggle outside FAQs?
You can even use toggles for long content that user may want to skip. Better example here is if there is instruction for Linux, Mac and Windows

Related Articles

Add related articles at the end to guide their next step in the journey